Estimator/Project Manager

Phil Russo 

C: (619) 333-9286

Phil has 25 years of experience in the insulation industry and has dedicated making service his #1 priority. He is a great asset to the team with extensive knowledge of the trade to assistance with project management, competitive pricing and unit costs. With experience as a former installer, superintendent to sales and estimating he understands the importance of response time and production along with providing the best quality the industry has to offer.


CA Insulation License #: 824373 | CA Firestopping License #: 965711

"Gotcha Covered" 

Estimator/Project Manager

chuck steinhaus jr.

C: (714) 719-2414

Chuck Steinhaus Jr. provides customers with concise insulation pricing and exeptional project management. He takes pride in ensuring that our customers have the best possible pricing in order to help them be competitive in today's industry. With his disciplined approach to estimating, combined with his knowledge and enthusiasm, Chuck has helped make Preferred Insulation Contractors, Inc. one of the industry's leading contractors in today's market. 

Estimator/Project Manager

David mosak 

C: (714) 204-6493

David, our specialty insulation project manager, brings 14 years of experience with him. As an estimator and project manager his main goal is to serve the industrial insulation industry and provide cutting edge energy efficient technology. His knowledge and experience enable him to handle all sorts of projects; from cryogenic applications, heat trace and ammonia to tanks and utility pipe insulation. Lastly, David's commitment to providing quality work for a fair price compliments the vision and values of the corporation. 

Firestopping Division Manager

ryan beers

C: (714) 331-6690

Ryan brings with him an extensive background in the Firestopping industry. His expertise with this specialized field and thirst for knowledge keep him ambitions and up on the constant changes in the building regulations, ensuring every project is done completely and to code. With his Firestopping history, enthusiasm and education, Ryan has helped promote Preferred Firestopping, Inc. to the top of its industry. 

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Secretary of the Corp

Regina steinhaus


chuck steinhaus sr.

With over 35 years in the mechanical insulation and environmental industry, Mr. Chuck Steinhaus is the principal individual behind Preferred Insulation Contractors, Inc. and Preferred Firestopping, Inc. He is responsible for creating and working toward the business' long range plans and corporate goals. He participates with his staff on the day to day operations, ensuring the business is running smoothly and efficiently. His experience and strong leadership are a major asset for Preferred Insulation Contractors, Inc. and Preferred Firestopping, Inc.'s growth and leadership in the industry. 

Administrative Assistant

Rubi Bonilla 

P: (951) 735-3725

Rubi keeps our team organized and efficient, along with providing our customers with requested releases as well as other miscellenous paperwork that may be needed to ensure that the project  is complete. 

Labor Superintendent

Alex Reynoso

P: (951) 735-3725

Alex is responsible for preparing and maintaining schedules for our insulation team. He works closely with each estimator and collects all of the project information and relays it to our installers so that the job is done per our customers requests and all within a timely manner.



P: (951) 735-3725 | F: (951) 735-3785

LICENSE #: 827373


Estimating Assistant


P: (951) 735-3725

As our company has grown so has the demand for quotes. Shelby assists with a majority of the insulation take-offs for Kevin Panella and works closely with Kassi Hove to ensure that our customers receive all of their bid requests.

Senior Estimator/Project Manager

kevin panella 

C: (714) 719-2417

​Kevin has been the lead estimator/project manager at Preferred Insulation Contractors, Inc. since 2001. With his leadership and experience, he provides a strong backbone for our growing team. Kevin is able to coordinate, perform and provide superior workmanship on new construction, tenant improvement and routine maintenance projects on a daily basis. His leadership qualities have helped guide Preferred Insulation Contractors, Inc. to be one of the most successful companies in the insulation industry. 

Preferred Insulation Contractors, Inc.

Firestopping Estimator / Project Manager 

Allan Taylor 

C: (805) 299-5211

With 24 years in the firestopping industry. 

Millions of dollars in firestopping sales. Worked as a field technician, Labor Superintendent to project management. Licensed firestopping contractor. Professional in all aspects of firestopping labor and sales. Successfully completed hundreds of projects. Multiple trade partner customer service project awards. Successfully completed firestopping projects in California, Arizona and Nevada. Firestopping industry leader in knowledge and experience. 

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Regina is responsible for the efficient administration of our company. 


Caitlin Koss 

P: (951) 735-3725

Welcomes our visitors by greeting them in person or on the telephone and directs to them to the correct contact within our company.

Labor Superintendent

Ron Wood

C: (714) 240-6263

Ron brings years of field experience to our company, and is committed to building strong relationships between our customers and our installers. With his commitment to quality control and ensuring that our projects are being conducted efficiently he is a beneficial asset to our team. 

Labor Assistant

Evelyn Aguilar 

P: (951) 735-3725

Communication with our installers is a key component to our success. Evelyn assists Richard Acosta in communicating with our installers on a daily basis to ensure no detail go missed.